Saturday, September 8, 2012

Divots Throughout Dallas — Reviews of Dallas-area Golf Courses

“Where should we play this weekend?”  “What is the best golf course in Dallas?”  “Are the expensive courses worth the money?”  “What does the course look like?”  These are questions I have repeatedly asked myself, often without finding an answer. 

So I have decided to play as many different courses in the greater-Dallas area as possible.  And this blog will share the information I learn.

I am not the best golfer — my handicap is far from the single digits.  But I consider myself a typical weekend duffer:  I have made a birdie and taken four shots to get out of a sand trap; I have played a round without losing a ball and been forced to stop because the lake swallowed my last ball.  One of my life goals is to shoot a round at even par, but that will likely only happen in my dreams. 

The author at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.  
This was the first time I ever played with a caddie; we will not discuss my score.

I am also a student of history.  I have played the courses where Walter Hagan, Julius Boros, and Vijay Singh won majors.  And you may be surprised to learn that one of those courses is right here in Dallas, and it is open to the public.  What is more, it is one of the best golfing deals around. 

This blog will be heavy on photos, for I believe that pictures can do more to tell about the course that any words I could write.  

I would love to receive input from other Dallas-area golfers.  What courses should I play next?  What are the hidden gems?  Also, as I review a course, please leave your own thoughts and comments.  

I hope you enjoy my journey.  I will be leaving divots throughout Dallas!

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